Postal Address

32 Ashburton Road
Ruislip Manor
United Kingdom

Email Address


020 3411 4445
+44 20 3411 4445



For Telegram, Skype, Signal etc details, see this page.

Office Hours

I work from an office at home between 09:00 and 17:30 Monday-Friday. I realise that IT problems don’t usually respect business hours, so you are welcome to call me out of hours if you need to.

Calling out of hours

Call my office phone – 020 3411 4445 (or +44 20 3411 4445 if you’re outside Britain) first – even if it’s out of hours. I might surprise you and answer during the evenings or weekends, but my mobile phone number is on the voicemail for the office phone if I don’t answer.

Please try not to call me in the middle of the night unless it’s a real emergency, or during an F1 Grand Prix event at all.

Map and directions

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I work from an office at home in Ruislip Manor.  By car, Ruislip Manor is 5 minutes from the A40 (15 minutes from M25 J16), and is on the Metropolitan and Piccadilly underground lines.  The Central line station at Ruislip Gardens is 15 minutes’ walk away.  From most parts of Central London, the journey time door-to-door is 1 hour or less.

Outsourcing Agencies

Digital Red does not, and will never, outsource work to China, India or elsewhere. Emails or telephone calls offering outsourcing services will not be entertained without prior payment.  I will not outsource work to you, nor will I resell your services: if you are thinking of calling me to try to sell such services, please check my terms first.