About Digital Red

Digital Red specialises in technical support for small businesses, homeworkers and individuals. It is based in Ruislip Manor in Middlesex – 15 miles north west of Central London with customers locally, throughout London, around the country and all over the world.

Digital Red is run by me, Daniel O’Neill. I have over 15 years’ experience in IT and 10 years’ experience of working with the Internet. I am a sole trader and have been working full-time in Internet Development and Technical Support since 1998.

I tend to work a lot less rigidly than most similar businesses in that I’m me and I’m real, not behind a switchboard or in a team of programmers. Everyone has my mobile number, I’m not averse to working evenings/weekends where necessary, and a laptop isn’t usually left out of the packing when going on holiday!

I can offer you the continuity of support that you need and speak in plain English without buzzwords or jargon so that you will always go away not just with your problem solved, but also with some understanding of what the problem was (if you want to know, of course) so that you learn over time and may even be able to fix things yourself.

If you have a question, need advice on buying some new IT equipment, are thinking of revamping your website, de-cluttering your email and freeing yourself from spam, or just want to see if I can help with anything else, give me a call now on 020 3411 4445.