Reliable hosting

Digital Red’s standard Hosting 1000 accounts are held on a reliable cloud server system to ensure stability and dependability.

The enterprise datacentre used is properly secured and backed up by a full uninterruptible power supplies and there’s a generator backup for really unexpected power problems.  As a cloud server, the service is not dependent on any specific hardware, so if there is ever a physical hardware problem, there is alternative equipment on ready to take over: you need do nothing.

Secure data and backup

All data is stored in the UK, both on the hosting system itself, and on the fully comprehensive enterprise-grade constant data protection (CDP) backup that all accounts enjoy as standard.

External monitoring

The hosting service is monitored 24/7 by automated systems that raise the alarm if something goes wrong and the websites go offline, with administrators always on standby to investigate and fix anything that needs attention.

Server management and support

The server equipment is all in the UK, and is administered and fully managed by UK based experts around the clock.  Engineers at the data centre monitor the data centre and technicians specialising in hosting, email and cPanel based servers at Freethought monitor and support the server itself.  You need do nothing – everything is taken care of.  If you have a problem, contact Daniel – either to report a problem or for technical support if you’re not sure how to do something.