Domain name registration and renewals

Typically domains are registered for two years at a time. For domains ending in .uk (this includes along with the less common,, and you can only register for two years at a time. For other domains you can usually register them for any whole number of years between 1 and 10.

You can now register many different types of domain name. Most businesses would take the and .com versions of their name, sometimes .eu version too, and increasingly since 2016, the .uk version (you don’t have to have the “.co” prefix any more).

Searching for an available domain name

Search WHOIS

The database that keeps track of which domain names have been registered and which are available is called ‘WHOIS’.  You can search it for an available domain name for yourself using this page.

Domain name registration costs or£25.00
.com or .net£35.00
.org or .eu£40.00
Website hosting – see detailsfrom £39.00pa

Domain name registrations are for two years and include registration fees, setup and nameserver service for 2 years

Domain name renewal costs or£20.00 (for two years)
.com or .net£20.00 (for one year); £30.00 (for two years)
.org or .eu£25.00 (for one year)


By allowing Digital Red to look after your domain name and hosting you can rest assured that you’ll keep your domains safe and be sure that no services will be suspended by you accidentally forgetting about a domain name’s renewal.

However, if you will need (or have already got) lots of domain names, and if you are confident in doing the registrations and renewals yourself without any help, it would be cheaper for you to maintain them yourself with an account with an automated online service like UKreg or 123reg to maintain your names.

.uk domains

Be careful with .uk domains

  • if you had registered before June 2014, you can register something .uk as well.  Only the person/entity who registered can register until June 2019.  After June 2019, anyone can register something .uk
  • if something was registered after June 2014, then there is no automatic right to and anyone can register it

Nominet has the full rules on the rights to registering .uk domains on their website in this article.