Office Administration & Accounting Support

Since 1998, I have provided clients with internet services and technical support. With experience from hundreds of offices and dozens of different systems, I collect different ideas and get exposed to a multitude of different practices – all woven together with technology and often applicable in different settings.

What does that mean? After visiting lots of different offices and seeing people doing all kinds of different things, it means taking good ideas from one place to another. It means probably having already helped other people to solve the problems that you face today. Maybe it even means predicting the problems you’ll face tomorrow.

Acceletated by the “working from home” times of the pandemic, many clients are looking for ways to decentralise and keep things online. I can help with that. I’ve already done it for other clients!

Office Administration

Assistance could either be helping you or your staff to do something, teaching/training you on how to do things for yourself, or you handing over a project and needing to do nothing until I complete it and hand it back to you. For example, in the last few months I’ve helped people with…

  • making phone calls
  • taking phone calls
  • setting voicemails
  • creating call diverts
  • sending out letters
  • indexing files
  • organising photos
  • tidying up mailing lists
  • producing mailshots
  • mailmerging
  • sending out letters in bulk
  • setting up templates
  • collecting data
  • scanning or merging data
  • maintaining member lists
  • cleaning up databases
  • proofreading
  • translating documents, from multiple sources
  • saving files in a sensible and logical format

… anything that you can imagine, whatever you can’t quite manage, those things that you think you ought to be able to do but don’t know how, or the things you don’t quite have time for – I can do them for you!

Accounting Support

I have over 20 years experience of keeping small business accounts (for Digital Red!) and for more than 10 years I have helped clients working on their own.

For some of the ways that Digital Red can help with your accounting systems, see the Accountancy Support page.

Daniel has experience with MYOB (bless it), Microsoft Office Accounting (RIP), Sage 50 Accounts, QuickBooks, Kashflow, QuickBooks Online, Sage Business Cloud Accounting, and Xero.

With a special focus on Sage 50 Accounts (now called Sage 50c, or Sage 50 Cloud) and Xero, and especially helping people to switch from Sage to Xero, I have spent years working with people who need a little help with their use of Sage, but who don’t want to commit so Sage’s expensive long-term support contracts.

Responsible Adult

“What is your job title?” or “What do you do for a living?” is often a question asked. When working in web development, it was easy… “I’m a web developer“, and if working solely in technical support it’d be easy too: “I’m a support technician“… but what do you call someone who can help with anything technical-related, administrative-releated, designing systems, improving workflows, helping with things as random as delivery processes and choosing new equipment?

Well, that’s why I give my job title as a “Responsible Adult“. Anything goes. Technical or not.

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