Paying your invoice


I will always send you an invoice for the work that I do for you. Normally you’ll receive an e-invoice or statement by email on the day it is produced, followed by a hard copy in the post a couple of days later.

The electronic copy of your invoice will be in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Your computer will almost certainly be able to open the file if you double click on the attachment, but if you don’t have Adobe Acrobat reader, you can download it free of charge by visiting Adobe’s website.

I shall post a hard copy of your invoice or statement to the address shown on the electronic copy. If your address doesn’t show accurately, please let me know so that I can correct it.

With the hard copy of your invoice, I will enclose a couple of my business cards. Please keep one for yourself and pass on the other to a friend, colleague or associate who you think that I may be able to help.

Payment methods

  • Bank transfer
    Payment by bank transfer (to HSBC Business account 31356852, sort-code 40-39-13) is preferred. For international bank transfers, the IBAN (International Bank Account Number) to use is GB42MIDL40391331356852 and the BIC (Branch Identifier Code) is MIDLGB2152H.
  • Cheque
    Please only pay by cheque if you cannot use any of the electronic payment methods: they are slow, cost you a stamp and cost Daniel processing time and an otherwise unnecessary trip to the bank. If you have to use a cheque, make it payable to “Digital Red” and send it to 32 Ashburton Road, Ruislip Manor, Middlesex, HA4 6AB. Please don’t send cash!
  • PayPal
    If you’d rather pay your invoice online using PayPal and/or your credit or debit card, simply enter your invoice number and balance due on this secure payment page.
  • Credit/debit card
    To pay using a credit or debit card, simply enter your invoice number and balance due on this secure payment page – you’ll be taken through the PayPal checkout but you don’t need to have (or create) a Paypal account to use it.
  • Pingit and Paym
    If you’d like to pay from your mobile phone using the Pingit or Paym systems, send payment to Daniel’s mobile number – if you don’t have that, please call on 020 3411 4445 to ask for it.


Digital Red is a small business and its survival depends on your prompt payment. Please be sure to send your payment so that it arrives on or before your due date. No-one likes late payment charges or interest, so let’s avoid them with timely payments. Payment terms are usually 14 days unless we specifically agree otherwise.


If you have a query or problem about anything on an invoice or statement, please call me on 020 3411 4445 or send an email promptly. Please don’t leave any problems until the payment due date.