Constant Data Protection

Constant Data Protection (CDP) is an enterprise data protection and recovery system

CDP monitors all data changes made to your account, and they are then syncronised with a centrally managed disk safe. This provides fast, efficient restore of individual files or complete restore of accounts or systems to any snapshot point in time held in the disk safe.


The CDP functionality is integrated into cPanel allowing you to restore files from your account through the online control panel with simple point-and-click functionality.



mySQL data is also fully archived, and restores can be made from snapshots taken by the CDP system. Your databases are captured in a consistent state without prolonged table locking. So, not only are your static files protected but also dynamic data.


CDP is available as a standard feature on all hosting accounts – both existing and current – log in via cPanel and click the ‘R1soft Restore Backups‘ icon to start following the easy wizard that allows you to restore or download your backups.