Configuring your email account on an Android phone or tablet

Before you begin, you need to know your email address and your password.  If you don’t know your password, stop now and find it first.

  1. Open the Settings app on your phone (probably a ‘cog’ icon – if you’re not sure where to find it, open the ‘app drawer’ first to see all the icons, and scroll through until you see Settings)
  2. Scroll down, probably towards the very bottom, and tap on Accounts
    • Select Add account
    • Select Email
  3. Type in your email address, and then select Manual setup
  4. Select IMAP from the list of account types, then enter your email account’s password, and tap Next
  5. There are two screenshots here, one for Incoming and the second for Outgoing mailservers.
    • You’ll see the Incoming one first
    • after you tap Next you’ll see the Outgoing one
    • They basically need the same details:
      • Your username is your whole email address
      • Your password (remember that it’s CaSe SeNsiTive!)
      • The server names are both
      • You need to select SSL/TLS from the pulldown menu
      • (The port numbers should set themselves automatically: incoming is 993, outgoing is 465)
  6. The final two screens are for your personal preferences, but accepting the default details is fine:

    • Only you will see the Account name – that’s what this new email account will be labelled on your phone – nobody else sees what you enter here (so you might call it Work email)
    • When you send an email to someone, how they see your name is determined by what you enter for Your name – so you don’t want to use all-lowercase letters there.