I help a lot of people with small problems with their computers and websites and it’s good to know that the assistance is really appreciated. Technical support is often beyond a simple financial transaction billed by the hour – it’s always good to know that help is there when you need it – and, like many of my clients, I’m self-employed so understand that there are occasions when you need help outside normal business hours – I’ll do everything I can to accomodate that!

Here are a few genuine messages from recent clients:

Miss FA Penarth, Glamorgan
Awesome, that’s great.  You are a fucking genius!
Mrs HW Hatch End, London
Daniel you are truly the business and better than Mary Poppins!
Mr W Hillingdon, London
Daniel, a massive thank-you for your advice – it now works like a dream!

Miss JQ Ben Guerir, Morocco
Working with Daniel is AMAZING. He is professional, kind and so strict that you don’t need to verify the work after him. I am looking forward to working with Daniel again and again. Thank you so much for all that you have done so FAR.
Brian Atkinson February 2023
The computer wizard is at it again

is it the operator that is insane

with a satchel full of wires and plugs and things

It is quite amazing to see what he brings

Out of the bag a screwdriver appears

with all sorts of attachments that sound like its gears

It whizzes away and screws become loose

this wire and that they are no use

all of a sudden like opening some magic door

heat sinks and hard drives, wires by the score

Heaven only knows what else is inside

I can only stare in awe and step rapidly aside

How he can operate while being so tall

His feet in the kitchen his arms in the hall

If you need a boat in which to take a cruise

just ask Daniel for his size fifteen shoes

His knowledge of computers is second to none

From MS DOS to Windows I have only just begun

Camera attachments, mics and CDs

He fixes them all and is quite at ease

When not helping others and putting the world to rights

He teaches mathematics that would keep me up nights

But helpful he is and I can’t praise him enough

even when times are getting tough

It gives me a headache just watching you work

How you manage to see things in all that mirk

So thank you Daniel for all your skill

I think I’ll lay down now and take a pill.

Mrs VJ Stanmore, London
My computer is brilliant – so much quicker, thanks!
Mr PN Manchester
Thank you again for the help and advice
Ms PT Twickenham
Thank you Daniel you are a star for sorting this out

Mrs JW Islington, London
I have always been impressed by how clearly and speedily you answer my queries, you never make me feel stupid even if you think I am, and your explanations are make everything self-evident, i.e. they makes sense even to me.

Anonymous Ruislip, London
I feel lucky having you so readily available – always – for technical support
Mr CW Hillingdon
I will certainly pass on your name and contact details to anyone who I hear needs help with their computer
I am really grateful for your help in resolving my computer problems and pleased for your prompt attention

Mr JS Pinner
Many thanks!
Mr CC Stevenage
I can’t thank you enough, looks like all the data has been recovered – thanks again
Mr SG Tring, Hertfordshire
We had a look at our new website yesterday and we were very impressed – the new format is precisely what we wanted

Ms AM Hertfordshire
Again, many thanks. The bespoke approach from Digital Red is marvelous.  Thank you for the help today. Nicely explained too.
Mrs ET London
You really know your stuff and have been a great help to me.  Digital Red has been fantastic and I would highly recommend them.

Mrs HP Manchester
Thanks for your help, I really appreciate it
Dr W London
Brilliant – when things are explained properly I can actually understand.
Mr B California, USA
Everything fixed, and my grateful appreciation as always! What a relief!

Mrs ML London
Thanks Daniel, firing on all cylinders now!
Mrs CS Paddington, London
Many thanks for all your help – so far so good!
Mr RC Middlesex
Thank you so much for fixing my computer so quickly – I really appreciate it.

Ealing, London
Daniel, thank you for your help and support