Digital Red’s apprentice – Timothy

I live and work in Ruislip – north west London – but will travel anywhere necessary.  I have regular clients as far south as Devon and as north as Middlesbrough, and am often in Woking, Peterborough, Cardiff and Cambridge – but I spend most of my time in west and central London.

Between about 2008 and 2018, I was almost always accompanied by Timothy, my apprentice.  He was never much of a help with technical problems, but clients always enjoyed talking to him while I worked on their PCs.  

He died in February 2018, but while he was still around we used to add photos of him “at work” on this page. He had his own website, “Dog in a Bag“, which has more photos – especially of him in his British Legion (and later, custom-made, personalised) jute bag.

Both his website and the photos on this page are an archive in his memory.

We still miss him a lot.