Can Digital Red help me?

Yes, absolutely!

Who can Digital Red help?

Pretty much anyone with a computer, or who wants a computer! A lot of my work is with other businesses, but around a third of my work comes from people who work from home, run their own business from home, or who just have a PC at home and would like for it to be set up properly.

Who has Digital Red helped in the past?

I have worked for businesses small and large – anything from one man at a desk in his living room to a publically traded company employing hundreds or thousands. I have worked for a member of the House of Lords, MPs, government offices and embassies, doctors, dentists, surgeons, solicitors, accountants, pilots, charities, churches, universities, highstreet shops, mailorder companies, new start-up companies, businesses closing down, and once even a Malaysian prince!

I prefer not to work with really large companies because the chain of command can be quite complex and I’ve had trouble with payment at the end of projects before, so I tend to favour smaller companies where I have a choice.

Fitting in

I will of course respect your business’s confidentiality agreements and act responsibly when dealing with your data, equipment and customers. If I’m visiting your PC at home, I’ll leave my shoes by the door and I’ll even play with your dog!