‘Digital Red’ is just one person, Daniel O’Neill, working as a sole trader. As such there are no employees and that is not likely to change. There are no employment opportunities with Digital Red, but I am always looking for people who can offer high quality web development work with skills in any of the following: PHP/MySQL, Dreamweaver, Xara Xtreme Pro, OScommerce, and Javascript.

Occasionally I have worked with customers as a technical consultant, helping them through a project which might involve programming Windows applications.

If you may be able to work with any of the above technologies in co-operation with me if I get particularly busy, I would be interested to hear from you as I like to keep a list of experts that I can rely on. Work might be sub-contracted or if I have a backlog of work and receive an urgent call, I may direct customers to you.

You must be self-employed or work within a small organisation. Please contact me by email with examples of your work and experience where possible on info@digitalred.com. If you are sending a CV, please make sure you send it in HTML or RTF format only. Word documents and PDFs are not accepted, so if you send either of these formats, you’ll fall at the first hurdle.

Outsourcing Agencies

If you would like to discuss taking work from Digital Red on an outsourcing or offshore basis, please read this policy.  Once you have submitted your funds, please feel free to make contact.  Please note that if you make contact without making payment, you may be invoiced and pursued.