Unattended remote support

Most of the time, customers will be looking for the one-off remote support page, not this one.  Read on for the differences between the two, but if you would like me to be able to log into your PC or Mac at any time without you first inviting me, you can install the unattended remote support application.

Install unattended remote software

Install unattended remote software for Apple Mac


Download the unattended remote support software for:

What is the different between unattended remote support and a normal remote support session?

Normally, when you need technical support you’ll call me, I’ll try to help just over the phone, and if I need to see your screen or log into your PC, you’ll visit www.digitalred.com/remote and enter a unique code that I generate which creates a one-time login that I can use to get onto your PC.  Once that remote support ‘session’ has ended, I cannot log back onto your PC unless we repeat the process with a newly generated unique code.

On-demand remote support, or ‘unattended’ support, is where you install a program on your PC which runs in the background all of the time: it allows me to initiate a session to connect to your PC without using a code or without you having to do anything.  This may be desirable in situations where I need to log into your PC frequently to save the constant code generation and session connections.  I also use this kind of connection where I am responsible for maintaining PCs, checking servers, maintaining backups, etc.

I will never install the unattended support software onto your PC without your knowledge, and even when it is installed, will never connect to your PC without either your knowledge or your authorisation.


How to install the on-demand unattended remote support software

Download the installation program, installremote.exe, and run it on your PC as an Administrator.


How to tell if the unattended remote support software is installed already

Look at the bottom right corner of your screen: you’ll see a small ‘DR’ logo dricon in the system tray next to the time/date.  Click the arrow that points upwards to display all of the icons in that corner – the ‘DR’ icon may be on that tray.


How to uninstall the unattended remote support software

If you would like to remove the program, open Control Panel and click on Programs and Features (or Add/Remove Programs) and look for the DR icon beside the application labelled “Screenconnect Client” and click Uninstall.

As soon as you uninstall, any active connections are disconnected, and new connections are no longer possible.