Working and studying from home in Ruislip Manor

I have lived in Ruislip Manor for nearly twenty years, and have always worked from home.

A few people that I’ve spoken to who have just started working or studying from home as part of the battle against the Covid-19 Coronavirus don’t have a printer at home, so have been struggling to get some things done.

To help things along, I’ll print anything that you need. I’ll put it into an envelope and post it through your door.  No social distancing problems, no handshakes, no charge.

Email whatever you need printing to I’ll print it on plain A4 white paper and stick it through your door within 24 hours, and probably the same day.

I’ll do this for as long as I can, for anyone who lives in Ruislip Manor and who is working or studying from home.  Just include in your email your address (door number and street name is plenty), and attach whatever you need to get printed.  I’ll happily print anything from a single page upto 100 pages on my black and white laser printer, and post it through your door, unfolded.