No Google in the Internet Explorer 9 list of search engine options

No Google!

Somehow Microsoft seem to have forgotten to add Google to the list of options of default search engines when you first load Internet Explorer on a new installation of Windows 7.

There is an easy way to add Google as the default search engine though: the older Add Search Providers page on the Microsoft website lists Google.

All you need to do is:

  1. Visit the Add Search Providers on the Microsoft website:

    Add Search Providers to Internet Explorer

    Add Search Providers page

  2. Click on the Google entry
  3. In the window which opens, click the Default option before pressing OK

    Click "Make this my default"

  4. Now when you type into the address/search bar, Google is set as your default search engine.

    Test search

  5. You’ll probably want to click the Turn on search suggestions option in the above screenshot, and if you have the Bing toolbar installed as in these screenshots, you’ll probably want to remove that too (from Control Panel, then Add/Remove Programs)