Virus-free emails

Clam AVViruses attached to emails shouldn’t be a problem today – they were the biggest issue affecting email use in the late 1990s but really they can be dealt with so easily today that there is no excuse for being affected by them.

All incoming email is scanned for viruses as soon as it hits Digital Red’s mailserver, so you won’t see any viruses or dangerous file attachments to any of your messages. We use ClamAV antivirus – as used by hundreds and thousands of companies, universities and ISPs around the world. It is automatically updated on a daily basis and needs no input from you at all.

It is still necessary to keep antivirus software installed and up-to-date on your PC, and it is always a good idea to be very careful when opening email from unexpected sources or when opening attachments even from people you know and trust.

Outlook 2003Microsoft Office Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is part of Microsoft Office so you likely already have installed on your PC. It has very good security settings enabled on it by default which will go a long way to keeping you safe when working with email.

Using Outlook on your PC with an up-to-date anti-virus scanner and ClamAV on the server is one of the most effective combinations of anti-virus precuations you can take – and provided you keep Outlook updated with the current patches from Microsoft, you are unlikely to suffer any harm from viruses at all.

If you’d like to check that your PC is safe from virus attacks by email or would like advice on how you should choose antivirus software, please get in touch.