Office 2007 versions

This page is an archive: Office 2010 has now been released, and the versions are different. See the Office 2010 version of this page.

There were five different packages of Microsoft Office 2007, and they are available with at least three different licences. Which one should you choose?!

Use this table below to find the version which is most suitable for you. You can only buy the “Home & Student” licence if you’ll be using Office 2007 at home or for school/college work: you can’t use it commercially.

Office 2007 Home and StudentOffice 2007 BasicOffice 2007 StandardOffice 2007 Small Business EditionOffice 2007 Professional
Home and
BasicStandardSmall BusinessProfessional
Outlook OutlookNoYesYesYes (incl. Contact Manager)
Word WordYesYesYesYesYes
Excel ExcelYesYesYesYesYes
PowerPoint PowerpointYesNoYesYesYes
Publisher PublisherNoNoNoYesNo
Access AccessNoNoNoNoYes
OneNote OneNoteYesNoNoNoNo
Key to products, and
individual product prices:
Outlook Outlook£64
Word Word£149
Excel Excel£130
PowerPoint Powerpoint£99
Publisher Publisher£127
Access Access£161
OneNote OneNote£54

Home and Student licence

The Home and Student allows you to install the software on up to three PCs (provided you buy the Retail licence) but it does not include Microsoft Outlook and is for non-commercial use only.

OEM licences

OEM licences “live and die” with your new PC. You can only buy OEM licences when you buy a new PC, and you must replace them when you replace your PC. They are usually the cheapest way of buying Microsoft Office, especially if you are buying a new PC at the same time.

Buying an Upgrade if you have an old version of Microsoft Office

You can buy the Upgrade version of Microsoft Office if you already have an older version of Microsoft Office. You cannot upgrade from Office 95 or Office 97 – they are too old, but you can upgrade if you have Office 2000, Office XP or Office 2003.

You can also buy the Upgrade version of Microsoft Office if you have Microsoft Works version 6 or newer, or if you have Microsoft Works Suite 2000 or newer. If you don’t already have an eligible program that you can ‘upgrade’ from, you may consider buying Microsoft Works – at the time of writing it is available for under £20 from Amazon. Check that you order the retail version of Works, not the OEM version.

The “Ultimate Steal”

If you are studying at a UK college or university, you should consider the “Ultimate Steal” licence for Microsoft Office. If you qualify, you can buy Office 2007 Ultimate (that is, everything from Microsoft Office Professional plus Publisher, Groove and Infopath) for about £40. Better still, once you graduate, you can keep the licence forever. For more information, see the Microsoft website.