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020 3411 4445
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32 Ashburton Road
Ruislip Manor
Middlesex HA4 6AB
United Kingdom

About Digital Red

Digital Red provides small businesses, home workers and individuals with professional advice, technical support and reliable web site design & development.

Digital Red is based north west of London in Ruislip.

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020 3411 4445

+44 20 3411 4445

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Open 9am - 5.30pm UK time, mobile number available for out of hours tech support.

Remote Desktop Support

For remote desktop support, click here to begin.

Domain name lookup

WHOIS domain name lookup - see who owns a domain name

Microsoft Memory Tester

You'll need a floppy disc to copy the memory tester to, so make sure that you have one to hand before you start.

What do you need to do?

  1. First of all, you need to download HijackThis.
    Click the link below and select "Save"
    Download name Version Filesize
    Microsoft Memory Tester April 03 640 KB

    Click Save
    Don't just click Run - select Save
  2. When you're asked where you'd like to save the file, save it onto your Desktop.
  3. Double click on the icon on your Desktop to load the installer program. If you get a prompt to ask if you're sure you want to run the program, it's safe to click Run

    Click Run

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