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Digital Red provides small businesses, home workers and individuals with professional advice, technical support and reliable web site design & development.

Digital Red is based north west of London in Ruislip.

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+44 20 3411 9765

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Open 9am - 5.30pm UK time, mobile number available for out of hours tech support.

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Boot time Avast Antivirus Scanning

Avast Antivirus offers a "boot time" virus scan of your PC. This allows the antivirus engine to scan all of the files on your hard drive before any other programs load - useful in cases where you have an infection which cannot be cleaned because the "file is in use"

To schedule a boot-time scan using Avast:

  1. Right click on the blue a logo at the bottom right of your taskbar and then select the "Start avast! Antivirus" option from the menu which appears
    Right click the blue A Avast logo
  2. Avast will run a memory scan on your PC and you'll see this screen while the scan completes and the control panel opens. Just wait for this screen to pass - it will take about 60-90 seconds:
    Wait for this Avast screen to pass
  3. Once Avast! loads, you'll see this strange looking control panel - don't worry, we don't need to decipher any of the buttons - we just want to click using the right mouse button anywhere in the grey area.
    Avast control centre
  4. When you right click on the control centre, you'll see a new menu. From this menu, select the "Schedule Boot-Time Scan..." option:
    Schedule Boot-Time Scan
  5. You'll now get a new screen, as shown below. Select the option "Scan all local disks" and tick the "Advanced Options" box. Select the options "Move infected file to Chest" and "Allow delete or move" from the two menus in the bottom half of the window, before pressing Schedule:
    Scheduling a boot-time scan in Avast
  6. Once you have presses OK, you will be given a prompt to reboot your PC. Check that you have no unsaved work open and then click "Yes". Your PC will reboot, and before Windows reloads, Avast will perform a virus scan.
    Operating system restart needed

    The virus scan will take about 30-45 minutes on your PC, and should be completely automatic. The scan will be complete when your PC reloads Windows, and you need take no further action.

Avast Antivirus Professional

You can buy Avast Antivirus Professional direct from the Avast website. It's just £25+vat for a year's protection for one PC, but if you protection for more than one year at a time, or for more than one PC at a time, you can make significant savings.

Get avast! Professional Edition to protect your de

For example:

Visit the Avast website to get an up-to-date quote for your needs, and order online today for immediate protection.



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